Fox & Pearl

Creative Direction, Merchandise Design, Photography, & Cinematography


Fox & Pearl is a midwestern bistro located in the historic westside neighborhood of Kansas City, Missouri. Led by Chef Vaughan Good, Fox & Pearl was named one of Esquire's Top 10 Best New Restaurants of 2020 and a James Beard Award Semi-Finalist. Through our ongoing work with Fox & Pearl, we've had the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects. Some of our favorite projects include our work on Brand Merchandising and the Fox & Pearl Cooking Show where we were able to set up Patreon-exclusive video content.


It's exciting when you get to work with a client that cares about their merch. Beyond that, F&P has an incredible vibe. So our goal was to design a merch kit that reflected the warm, beautiful grit the Vaughan and the restaurant both embody. All work is done by hand (the same hand that's typing this 😎). Most of my inspiration comes from looking through old print design from coasters, posters, matches, postcards, and a litany of various other paper ephemera. There is something to be said about a design that transcends multiple decades. That's what we call timeless.


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