Vitis Studio

Brand Identity, Web Design, Iconography, & Illustration


Vitis Studio is a bespoke software development studio that provides both technical counsel and custom software builds for small to midsize businesses. Aside from explaining the business that sentence serves double duty as the most boring sentence on the website. So, when owner Dan Poblete came to us he was faced with a challenge. How does a brand that uses terms like "Line-Of-Business Software"ย and "Legacy Rescue" grab the attention of a prospective client?

Brand Identity

Our plan was to develop a brand identity that was first and foremost bold, but with a use of both organic and geometric elements our hope was to provide a balanced presentation. We achieved that by place our creative vision in outer space. A type treatment that more than resembles NASA paired with an organic container for the logomark which derives its inspiration from grapes on the vine. Pops of a vibrant blue roots the richer purples and neon mint.

Web Design

In addition to developing a brand identity for Vitis Studio, we designed and develop a one-page website. This gave us the opportunity to play with the brand across a multitude of presentations including custom iconography, avatar illustration, and an animated GIF. Take a look HERE ๐Ÿ‘€


Ready to be bold?